28 June, 2011

The Lost Symbolism

As part of a bloggers' challenge I need to republish the first piece ever posted to my blog. I'm posting two. The first (The Magnificent Seven Psychologists) was not written FOR the blog, but I'm posting it again because it was THE first post. The second (The Lost Symbolism) was published on July 5, 2010, as my fifth post. It is, however, the first piece written specifically for the blog, and I think it fits the challenge's purpose better.

Three Blue Lions and a Two Dollar Bill
I wasn’t going to, but I guess I’m going to have to anyway - explain this blog’s subtitle [since changed], that is.

On the surface, it appears quite simple, but I suppose there are deeper levels of meaning if you’re drawn to such things. The Two Dollar Bill is, of course, a reference to Thomas Jefferson. I am a native Virginian, a graduate of the University of Virginia, and carry a profound respect for this brilliant and multi-talented American. He personifies Renaissance Man, and Jefferson has pretty much been the face of this United States Note since 1869, ironically replacing Hamilton who was on it for its first seven years.

The number “Three” is my favorite integer. That’s all. That and that it is a symbol of the unity of body, mind, and spirit, and in that sense it represents the soul. It is commonly found in folklore - as in three wishes, three tries, three princes or princesses, or three witches. The common expression, "third time is a charm" is an encouragement to put discouragement aside and try again or make that extra special effort. I don’t believe in ever giving up. There is a verse in Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching which states that out of the Tao (out of the transcendent) comes the One. Out of the One come Two. Out of the Two come Three. Out of the Three come all things. What more does one need to know?

The color “Blue” is my favorite hue, mine and that of more than half of my species according to those who study such things. Blue is cooling and reminds one of peace and calmness. Midnight blue is said to promote meditation and intuition. Blue is often associated with freedom, strength, and new beginnings. For example, blue skies signify optimism and better opportunity. It’s the color of loyalty and faith, and around the world, blue represents water, the source of life.
The “Lion” is a reference to my astrological sign, Leo. We Leos are generous and warmhearted, creative and enthusiastic, 
broad-minded and expansive, 
faithful and loving. And trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind … oh wait, that’s the Boy Scouts. Then there is the Azure Lion Rampant of Scotland represented on the Royal Standard of Scotland. I’m not a royal, but I am of Scots descent – which brings us to Saint Andrew's Cross or The Saltire, the national flag of Scotland. And now we are back to blue again.

Sort of makes you wish you hadn't asked, doesn't it.

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