19 June, 2011

Sex On The Sabbath

man wondered if having sex on the Sabbath was a sin because he was not sure if sex was work or play. He asked a priest for his opinion on this question. After consulting the Bible, the priest said, "My son, after an exhaustive search I am positive sex is work and is, therefore, not permitted on the Sabbath. I hope I have helped you."

It wasn't the answer the man was hoping for though, and he thought to himself, "Wait! What does a priest know about sex? He's celibate and abstinent"

So he went to consult a protestant minister - one who was a married man and had sexual experience. He asked the minister for the answer and received the same reply. "Sex is work and not appropriate for the Sabbath!"

Not pleased with the reply either and getting frustrated, he sought out the ultimate authority - a man of thousands of years of tradition and knowledge. He asked a rabbi.

The rabbi pondered the question and stated, "My son, sex is definitely play." The man replied, "Rabbi, how can you be so sure when so many others tell me sex is work?" The rabbi softly spoke, "Because, my son ... if sex were work, then my wife would have the maid do it."
Author Unknown