04 May, 2011

Thanks, Janine: The Sequel

Last week I published a post Thanks, Janine which did just that for Janine Ripper of Reflections from a Red Head, one of my favorite blogs, who bestowed the Kreativ Blogger Award upon me. It came with conditions though. I was to pass it on to ten bloggers, notify them, and then reveal ten things about myself that most folks might not know. I actually think ten of each is too much although I managed it (see the original post). Six or seven is more reasonable.

I did all that was expected, but three of the folks to whom I gave the award have never acknowledged it in any way, public or private. It makes me feel as though I didn't do a very good job in selecting folks I thought would appreciate it. I certainly don't feel that I have fulfilled the terms of the award (giving it to ten) - so I am bestowing it upon a few others whose work I admire. I may be stretching the rules a bit, but if there can never be too much love, then there can never be too many ... well, you get the idea.

Here we go - four more wonderful blogs.

1 - Helen at Inside the Mind of a Highly Sensitive Person is not a high frequency post-er, but she lives, breathes, writes (very well), and dances - just as advertised. Always thought-provoking.

2 - Carl at Working at Perfect describes his Aussie self "Columnist, hermit and aspiring rich man. An extremely opinionated (always right) electric wheelchair user with Cerebral Palsy and Scoliosis. I decided to write a blog to end my laziness." I'm glad he's no longer lazy because is blog is a huge inspiration for many.

3 - Phil at My Coffee Cup Has Feet shares his particular views on the universe but also offers us a daily inspirational quote. Always worth a visit.

4 - Irene at Soft Voice of a Free Spirit is another who posts less often than many but her posts are beautiful reflections on her personal journey.

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