29 October, 2014

This evening's borrowed wisdom

Years ago, I made a few fruitless attempts at blogging before starting my cooking blog last year. How many years ago, you ask? Well, at one point, I had a Xanga blog. 

In any case, most of what has survived is painful to re-read. One of my biggest challenges in making progress as a writer has been that - until this space - I rarely share personal writing and often, after a year or two, will simply erase whole files and entries. And blogs.

But I salvaged this post (under the same title) from February 2008, when I was finishing med school and chatting with a childhood friend online...something about it still resonates.
me: it seems odd in retrospect that I would apply to places I hadn't ever visited but who knows?
friend: undergrad was a very different sort of experience
me: my ex dated a girl who went to one of the schools I'd considered
me: I met her at a party
me: we stood in line for the bathroom and talked about how we could have been friends, had I gone there
me: in another life, perhaps!
me: undergrad is definitely something I could have done several times in several different ways and still learned new things
friend: and THAT, I think, is the point
friend: brings me back around to never, ever trying to pinpoint where I may have gone wrong
friend: b/c I'd inevitably miss all sorts of things that went very, very right
friend: and my less-than-infinite wisdom is not up to that task
"Amy in Postmodern Art"
Denver Art Museum, March 2010

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