23 July, 2014

Mighty Finn - Update #27

Mamma is not nearly as good at staying on top of my comings and goings as Grandpa was.

But here's where we left off...

My first visit to the dentist! Something about strangers telling me to open my mouth or hold on my arm for a shot makes me curiously well-behaved...whereas Mamma asking me to please not wipe mango on her shirt makes me want to do just that.

Then I spent the day at Sunflower Farm with a cute little girl named Charlie. She seemed to have forgotten about the time I put my hand under her skirt (okay, I was all of 16 months old then). 

Here I am feeding a goat. I was very upset that the grey one kept coming back for more and the white one wasn't eating at all.

And here I am driving a BIG tractor!

Meanwhile, Mommy started packing up my books and toys! At first, I thought putting things neatly in boxes seemed pretty fun, but then I realized that they stayed in the boxes. So then I started to unpack when Mommy's back was turned.

This was my last day of soccer practice before our big move. My mommy accidentally packed up my uniform but I didn't mind - I like to stand out from the crowd.

After the chalk art festival, we headed to a new market - Le Jardin Secret. It lived up to its name when I discovered this hidden fountain!

Then I spent an exciting morning at the Children's Museum. I could blow giant bubbles all day long. I even shoved a little girl out of the way when she tried to steal my wheel!

After another trip to New York for Mommy's job interviews, we headed up to Crested Butte for a much-needed break. Here is the view from our deck! I spent a lot of time watching the prairie dogs and demanding, "I need more moo cow!"

Back in Denver, my nonna and I shared gelato (pistachio and strawberry panna cotta) at Spuntino. Mamma tried to keep it a secret but I also discovered that Yasmin makes the BEST coconut almond macaroons in the WORLD.

And then we visited the Museum of Contemporary Art. They had these giant bubbles just for me to play in.

Good-bye, Colorado! It's been fun!

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