20 December, 2013

Mighty Finn - Update #22

Hey, guys. The frost has been on the pumpkin for a while,
and it's time to start bundling up a bit when I go to the park.

This could be one of my last visits before snow.

I'm ready though. I've got some heavier stuff when I need it.

Then there's the really heavy duty snow suit. My real fear
is that I'll fall down like Ralphie's brother Randy and
not be able to get back up. Well ... at least I won't shoot my eye out.

So cool. Mommy bought me some Wellies to match hers.

Back at my grandpa's, I get a chance for some
quality time with Maddox. Good talk, buddy.

Oh, I almost forgot ... my auntie bought a house.
Here I am checking out the special shelving that organizes her closet.

And there's this Finn-sized wood bin beside her fireplace.

Back to grandpa's again, and there's
lots of decorating going on. I think this is a hippopotamus

I know this is a giraffe, my nonna's favorite.
Those are some of her Santas in the background.

I hate to admit it, but sometimes when I don't get what I want,
I throw myself on the floor and start crying.
It doesn't work as well today as it did at first.
Now they just laugh at me.

Are you ready for some football?!

Winter is in full swing. What's a guy to do?
Bundle as best you can, and dream of warmer times.
See you after Christmas - that means next year.