03 December, 2013

As It Should Be

It was just as it should be, and as I told you last week, it would be. See:
Looks Great! Little Full, Lotta Sap!!

On Friday - which used to be Tree Day - my wife and daughters with one boyfriend in tow cut down this year's perfect tree. At just over nine feet, it's the first tree in a very long time that doesn't tickle the 11 foot ceiling, but it's lit and decorated. Beautiful.

On Saturday - the new Tree Day - we renewed the tradition at my brother-in-law's home - also fully decorated. We ate and drank.

Hmmm - Pulled pork. Turkey, of course. Baked ham. Two kinds of rolls, if need be, for sandwiches. Those, however, were after the hummus with pita, olives (three kinds), roasted peppers, artichoke hearts, cheese (two kinds), chips and dips.

"Potables?" you ask. Sure - a broad selection of fine ones.

Oops. I forgot the soups - French Onion, cheddar broccoli, corn chowder, and Italian meat ball. Then, if you're still able to move your arms, you could try the chocolate pie, the pumpkin pie, the pecan pie, or the Dutch Fudge Roll. Or all four.

I'm sure I've forgotten something we ate, but finally - after checking to see if the sh*tter was full - we gathered and watched Christmas Vacation.

After a few hugs, we went home - content and warm from the love of family.

As it should be.