28 August, 2013

96 Tears

Some situations are just difficult.

I visited my mother over the weekend. She is 93.4 and aging. Her health is generally good (for her age) although controlling blood pressure is starting to be a challenge. Her mind is still sharp, but we are beginning to see some difficulties with recent memory formation. I can easily abide the repetitions of stories, but it hurts to see her get emotional because she knows she's not as sharp as she once was.

It was a good visit. She got to see my older brother as well as other relatives she doesn't often see. It was also, however, a stressful visit. I didn't realize that until I got into the car and began crying.

What had been hardest of all was the goodbye hug inside. She then came out to say goodbye one more time through the car window. It was clear she was thinking that this might be the last time she sees me, her last chance to hug me.

I hope not, and it may well not be. Nevertheless no matter what your feelings are toward your parents, you will miss them terribly when they are gone.