14 November, 2012

Some Of Us Stayed

Hajra's post Where Did Everybody Go? has me thinking a bit. As has she, I've noticed some writers just disappearing completely from the blogosphere. It's a puzzle. I assumed they just got tired of it. Most of those I interact with are sometimes more, sometimes less active, but that's life. It intrudes every so often, but that isn't the case here. These folks never come back.

I've been blogging for just about 28 months. My first post was on July 1 of 2010. It still seems quick, but there are times when I need less involvement. My commitment to posting something every day has necessitated my developing a few brief format themes for those times when there just isn't enough time, but that's what is nice about the general blog category. It allows great flexibility. Unfortunately during those busy times, I fall behind on commenting although I do continue to read and like my colleagues' posts.

I have posted over 700 times -- although I have since deleted some and republished some after revision. Two days ago this blog passed the
pageview mark with readers coming from 167 countries. Cue the balloon drop! :) By the numbers, that strikes me as a quite a ride, but I have no comparison. I was once asked what my goal was when I started -- I didn't have one. I was writing primarily for myself and for the expected small handful of friends and family who might read my musings. That was it.

Today, however, I think what is most important to me are the fellow bloggers whose friendship and encouragement I have enjoyed immensely. That's why when we lose someone, as Hajra describes, it's troubling. I am positively thrilled to be in the company of so many talented authors, especially my two dozen colleagues at Personal Bloggers Are Us. They are, for the most part, hesitant to call themselves writers or authors, but that's what they are. They should embrace the labels.

Do yourself a favor and check out their sites. I assure you that you will find more than a few to which you will eagerly return, repeatedly.