26 September, 2012

I'm More Than Cranky. Way More.

I have some physical challenges. It doesn't have to be a whirlpool. No big deal. I cope.

I arrived at work today, however, only to find all of the handicapped parking blocked off and a campus safety officer watching over it all.

No advance notice. No reason. No nothing about why an entire section of a parking lot was needed for more something important than the needs of those of us with challenges.

Normally this is not too big a deal for me, but for the past two months I have needed supplemental oxygen - which I have to tote along with me. Today I would need to tote it twice as far and because I wasn't thinking clearly, I would be toting it uphill. On top of that, it was a 'BAD' day for my physically. Arrrggghhh!!!

That's what happens when you spring these changes on us. When we can follow our plans, we manage just fine, but require us to make some impromptu changes, and we make mistakes - at least we have more difficulty than there needs to be. For me - today - that meant stopping to catch my breath seven times between parking and my office.

So I complained. I wrote the president, the provost, the associate provost and my dean that "there was never, never, never any acceptable excuse for blocking the handicapped parking spaces" and that I almost just went back home.

And ... not one of them was aware that this had happened or that there was even an event that could lead to it.

Once again we take a seat in the back row, and I'm way past cranky.

Give me my civil rights back.
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