28 September, 2012

Mighty Finn - Update #6

Holy datebook, friends. Has it really been another month?! It's amazing how fast the days go by when you stay busy. Anyway ... thanks for stopping back to check on me. Biggest news is I'm crawling now. It's just so cool! I can move!

 It's all you need. Good book. iPhone.
Some quality beads to mouth - if I drop my pacifier.

Can't start working too soon on my upper body strength -
so here I am showing off at a local park.

That strength isn't just for showing off -
it's also useful for getting perfectly situated in my stroller. 

Indoor workout? Of course. 

 Mommy's always right there though.
She knows I want to try that giant swing - just like at  the Olympics.

A bit of artfully concealed cooling down after my workout.
Discretion is important to learn early, I think.
Some princes have yet to learn that.

I'm so hungry after my workout that I could eat the menu. 

Minnie Pearly would approve. 

 Another day, another bistro.

But now it's time to look out on those brash Rocky Mountains
and reflect a bit on what a great ride I'm having so far.