24 August, 2012

Mighty Finn - Update #5

Okay, lab rats - it's been a month since the last update! Time to see what's happening. Here are a few photos to update you further and in the Mighty Finn's own words.

When I last spoke to you, we were on the Outer Banks.
This was the last shot as we headed out the door.

Back home with mommy - figuring out our next adventure.

I'm buckled up, but she didn't say where we were going.
Said it was a surprise.

Cool. And pretty. I like it here. Thanks, Mom.


Maybe I'll just stay here on the bench until we leave.

How about some coffee?
On another day we stopped for some, and I got my own big chair.
And a few goods books to read too.

Wow - look what mommy ordered. Yum. 
Maybe she'll share? Of course, she will.

Hey. Wait. What happened to sharing?

It's all gone.

Another day, another stop.
But I really do like my pediatrician. He's nice.

Hey - you stabbed me with that needle thing!
You could have at least warned me.

Another new experience - outdoor swings.

Back home for a bit, and
that's about it - until next month.