19 April, 2014

The Pips of Child Life

We're proud to announce the publication of The Pips of Child Life: Early Play Programs in Hospitals, a history of the earliest years of the field of child life. My mom, Civita, is one of the co-authors and my dad, Thom, contributed a chapter entitled "Schools of Thought: The Influence of Theory." 

From the publisher:
Long before apples were cultivated it is believed they grew wild.

The Pips of Child Life: Early Play Programs in Hospitals offers a glimpse into the early play activities and programs in hospitals (1900-1970’s) and the women who led the way. This text reveals the core of play programs relative to the social historical contexts prior to the formation of play as a healthcare profession eventually known as child life. The nine chapters included in this collection were developed as stories composed to share knowledge from the existing records and memories of the early play programs in North America.
by Joan C. Turner and Civita A. Brown

Available from: http://www.kendallhunt.com/store-product.aspx?id=212355

I haven't yet read my dad's chapter, although I helped edit several others, so I'm looking forward to it. For many years, I tried not to read this blog every day, knowing that some day "discovering" my dad's words would be especially sweet.