15 August, 2012


My fiction fingers are itching for some exercise, but I know I don't have the time to complete a story at the moment. What I offer you is a stem for a story - a brief interchange between a man and a women. I leave it to you to suggest some possible beginnings or contexts or directions in which it might develop.

So I said, “When I interviewed you, did I close the door to my office? “I think not,” she said, “but I truly don’t remember.” “Why?” she asked.

“Well, if I left it open, it could mean I was afraid of what I might do. On the other hand, if I closed it, it could mean I wanted to be alone with you.” Then I added, “You choose.”

She indicated she was ignoring the door, and I shouted in response, “How can you ignore the door?! Doors are just too symbolic."

I never told her I didn’t remember either, and I posed the question only because she was just so much fun to tease. She never chose, and the teasing continues.