19 April, 2012

{this memory} 47

This is the story behind last Monday's {this moment}.

You're in North Carolina - on the Outer Banks, to be precise. You're in Nags Head. I was there on a day trip with my wife and daughters, driving down from Virginia Beach where I grew up and where we were staying with my mother.

In the photo is my younger daughter. We were exploring the largest natural sand dune on the east coast - Jockey's Ridge. It's about 100 feet tall on an island that averages only a few feet in elevation. The encroaching shadow in the bottom right is cast by my wife. The other daughter is up on top taking a hang gliding lesson, very popular here.

The day also included an upscale lunch up north in Duck and a visit to Currituck Beach Lighthouse in Corolla (still further north on the Outer Banks). I'm guessing there was probably some shopping in there somewhere too, if I know my ladies.

So many wonderful memories - I am a fortunate man. Blessed.