13 April, 2012

{poetically plagiarized} 2: Dickinson

There Is Another Sky

there is another sky
ever serene and fair,
and there is another sunshine,
tho' it be darkness there -
never mind faded forests, Austin,
never mind silent fields -
here is a little forest
whose leaf is ever green -
here is a brighter garden -
where not a frost has been,
in its unfading flowers
I hear the bright bee hum,
prithee, my Brother,
into my garden come!

Emily Dickinson, 1850

This was only the second poem she wrote; she was about 20. Although most discover in it references to a heaven and life after death (perhaps Newton's) or note the mention of her brother, I see other meaning. I find themes of hope and optimism, that no matter how bleak, things will get better. Be of good cheer and receptive to the future.