21 April, 2014

Mighty Finn Update #25 - Racing Past the Two Year Mark

I wanted to continue some of my father's blog traditions. Here's my first effort. ~AECB

My mommy made me this beautiful tres leches birthday cake (you can see last year's here!) completely from scratch (including the whipped cream) and decorated it with sprinkles from Auntie's bottomless supply. Only she didn't put nearly enough - I mean, you could still see the white stuff - so I added an extra cup. What's that you say? I covered some of the letters? As far as I'm concerned, "Hpy" is just as likely to mean "Happy" as anything else.

Here I am wondering if they are going to try to play 

My cousin Emmi drew this with my crayons on the bathtub wall. 
I am so in love. 

Oops, I think her sister got jealous. 
The next day, I found myself with TWO valentines! 
Emmi is 10 and Chloe is 12...I've always liked older women.

Sunday morning, and I thought we should snuggle in Mommy's bed. I tried calling for her, but she was busy making coffee. So then I tried my secret weapon: quietly mischievous giggling. She came running. 

Okay, technically, it wasn't my first trip to the Atlantic Ocean...or to Virginia Beach...but it is my first trip to the ocean in Virginia Beach...and it's Grampy's beach. We came here to have dinner with my Great-Grandmama (Grandpa's mommy). But first Auntie took me to a special place to play hide and seek. There were rows and rows of fluffy white dresses to hide under...

My nonna came to visit because Mommy had to be on call. We went out to dinner and shared this yummy chocolate milkshake...although what I really wanted to do was lick the red pepper aioli off my fingers, one at a time. Of course, she let me.

I love to feel the wind in my hair...

I built this whole tower all by myself. 
(On my honor, that pink block does not fall.) 
Grandpa would have been so proud.