05 December, 2014

{this memory} 121

This is the story behind last Monday's {this moment}.

It's New Year's Eve, 2013, and we're having a party at my parents' house. You're looking at my almost-2-year-old son playing near our fireplace with his similarly aged cousin, Gavin.

What are they doing??? you wonder...

I was taking photographs with an digital SLR camera. To focus, I held down the "shoot" button very slightly. This produced a green light where the camera focused, which disappeared when it flashed. I'd never noticed before but the two boys definitely did, and they were nothing if not persistent in their efforts to capture the green dot.

My cousin, Gavin's father, and I laughed until we cried watching them chase each other - and themselves - in circles. It was reminiscent of the time one of my college friends adopted a cat, and his roommates (and the cat) had some fun with a laser pointer.

Childish...yet hilarious.