19 December, 2014

Easy Peasy

For anyone out there who is looking to give a little more before the holidays...this one is near and dear to my heart...

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And this the post that my dad wrote - but never previously shared - about taking care of my son while I was busy (zip-lining in a frilly black tutu, eating the world's best pancakes and staring, awestruck, at the sugared sky) at camp...

Wow - you would never know they are mother and daughter!

As we have for the first time our grandson here without his mother. She's off being a physician at a cancer camp for children, at least for a few days. This is the first time they have been apart since his birth about 18 months ago. After his bath, he was put to bed about an hour ago and fell asleep almost immediately.

Not so his mother. I asked her this morning if I had ever told her about the first time she was apart from her mother. I hadn't. She was about 19 months old, and her mother was back in the hospital to have her sister. I tried to put her in the crib. Screaming and raging. After while, I began walking - bouncing and rocking her. Screaming and raging. Finally I took her into bed with me and held her until she fell asleep. Screaming and raging for what seemed like eternity.

My wife's aunt and mother were staying with me and kept coming to my door to ask if I wanted them to take her. No, I did not and was determined to hold her until she fell asleep. The screaming and raging finally subsided as she fell asleep.

You know how we always joke about wishing our children would have children just like them. Well, that clearly hasn't happened here. Finn goes to sleep every night easily and sleeps through the night. My daughter always resisted going to sleep.

So what's the moral of the story? I don't know. Maybe you can tell me.


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