09 May, 2014

More pictures from the Last Day of Classes

I wrote briefly about the celebration my dad's colleagues held in honor of what would have been his final class after 39 years teaching on Wednesday. Here are some more pictures from that day.

Dr. Behforooz, who patiently tutored me in calculus in tenth grade (that post is coming soon and promises to be hilarious), spoke. 

My dad's former student, Dave Roberts, whose writing has been an inspiration to me this spring, took over teaching his class for the rest of this semester. My mom is standing next to him. 

Steve Specht wrote the poem below and read it.

Steve's poem.

The Tree video was played...of course.

When I was in med school, I told a therapist that my parents were so extraordinary, and I was so lucky to be their daughter, that I wasn't sure I deserved to have anything else really good happen in life. It is a bittersweet thought, but my father really was that amazing.

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