06 May, 2014

Mighty Finn - Update #26

Mamma got a little behind...and I've been ridiculously busy, so this post is a little longer than usual.
I've been spending a lot of time at the playground. I've discovered that if I yell "GO! WHEE! MAMMA!" all the way home after school, more often than not, we stop and I get to go whee.

Oddly enough, the same strategy didn't work on the rocks. Here we are at a nature preserve. I tried yelling "MY ROCK!" at the top of my lungs, but I still didn't get to take one of the boulders home with us. I even tried, "MY BIG ROCK, PEASE, MAMMA!" to no avail.
Swings that require holding on are kind of a new concept for me.
I climbed this enormous purple mountain all by myself. Mommy didn't come with me because she was wearing high heels. Then I realized I was going to have to find a way back down...
What, haven't you seen an upside-down aqua-blue rocking elephant before? It is only the BEST toy ever.
Sometimes we walk to our local market when they grill hamburgers outside. This week, they had homemade ice cream sandwiches too...it started out yummily enough, but then it dripped all over my legs and I got really, really sticky and cried. My mommy said she would have cried too, and that one of her childhood dreams was to someday be big enough to eat French toast without getting sticky.

I am not sure how she's doing at keeping herself not-sticky, but keeping me not-sticky is her job now too. Epic fail, Mommy.

Don't judge a book by its cover, you say? Yes, but this one is yellow...and everyone knows yellow is the best color.

See? My new bike is yellow too. That just proves my point.
I have my first-ever job: watering the herbs in the windowsill. This one is lemon thyme.

I am well on my way to being called "such a responsible young man." I hear that's how you win over parents.

This is just...weird. What was Mommy thinking?