08 January, 2013

Mighty Finn - Update #9

Well, here I am - getting ready for another flight.
I love airports. No, really - I do!

One of the first things I do upon arrival
is see what Maddox is up to.
I don't think he's noticed me yet.

Christmas Eve came quickly,
and 30 of the extended family came over for dinner.
We shared a few gifts, and I showed off my levitation skills.

Last month I told you my cousin said I waas a chick magnet.
I think this is what he meant - Tara.

And this - but I'm not sure my Aunt Megan counts.

Even the younger ladies too. Evidently.
If I get the chance though, I'm playing Angry Birds.
Plenty of time for girls later.

I think I like this Christmas thing.
The next morning I found a whole lot of really neat stuff - 
like a tunnel to crawl through.

And you should hear this Elmo guy laugh.

This is my first winter, and one thing I don't like
is having to get so bundled up to go outside.

But the coats come off when we get back home,
and I can have some serious playtime.
That's my grandpa's baseball hat.

And I can be with my grandpa. He's big.

One last thing I'll tell you - it's tough to grow up.
How was I to know you had to do laundry?!
See you next month.