12 January, 2012

{this memory} 34

This is the story behind last Monday's {this moment}.

You're looking at one set of floodlights at Gaetano Stadium, Utica College. That's not the memory. The memory has nothing to do with the lights. In fact, I have never attended an event - football, soccer, lacrosse, whatever - at this venue.

What I am savoring is that I took this photo from my office - almost a quarter-mile away. Remarkable. What I am savoring are the memories and enjoyment that are resurfacing because of the new camera I was given for Christmas.

In the 1970s and early 1980s, I was very much into photography. I used primarily a Canon SLR and owned a number of extra lenses. I especially liked my telephoto lens. As anyone with an SLR will tell you the ability to control depth of field, focus, and exposure allows for great creativity.

As I began to lose the use of my left hand, much of that creativity dissipated as I increasingly turned to auto-focus point-and-shoot cameras. I simply wasn't able to adjust the SLR with one hand. My new camera is still auto-focus but has a bevy of neat features and a 35x zoom capability. You see the evidence of that here.

It was a good Christmas, and my images of Tree will continue to flow. I am excited, however, to see what I can do with these new camera features.

I am truly a fortunate man.