06 January, 2012

Poetically Tasteful

The challenge was straight-forward enough. 'Write a poem that involves a sequence of events or steps - such as a process, a recipe, instructions, or anything that could only happen in a certain order.'

I am not a poet and am far more comfortable in the world of prose. I do think, nevertheless, it's good for me to wax poetic every so often - good for my writing skills and good for my desire to ignore occasionally the rules of grammar.

So I offer my response to the challenge and ask that you be kind but also be critical, please. It's how I grow.

now Savored

white onion, one, finely chopped,
until translucent
now Sautéd

arborio rice, with onion mixed,
for a minute, or two,
now Toasted

saffron threads,
into previously heated broth
now Crumbled

simmering broth, onto rice,
with repeated absorbent stirring
now Ladled

rice grains, al dente, with butter,
parmigiano reggiano,
portobello, crimini, perhaps porcini
now Infused

risotto -
creamy, rich, fragrant, golden -
with parmigiano shavings,
now Crowned