26 June, 2014

(this memory: then and now} 2

This is the story behind last Monday's this moment.

The man pictured above ready to jump into an enticing swimming hole, in a really ridiculously awesome bathing suit, is my paternal grandfather, Brownie. The picture is undated, but he looks young, perhaps even younger than he was when he met and married my grandmother in 1942, when he was in his early 30s.

This picture of his son, my father, is also undated, but I'd guess it was taken at least 50 years later, around 1990. The swimming pool - and giant inflatable killer whale - belonged to my cousins (my mother's brother), who lived about a mile down the road from us. My dad looks like he's making a lap around the outside of the pool, which was usually how the adults (larger size being a must) got a good whirlpool started. Ideally, the child-sized among us were just along for the ride - particularly, the excitement of "swimming against the current" and getting sucked into the middle of the pool.

Good times, happy memories.