06 September, 2013

Mighty Finn - Update #18

Hi, friends ...

Back home in New York,
I went for a swim in my cousin's salt water pool.
Of course, I had my own floatation assistance device.
In fact, I'm probably the only one who fits in it.

Back to grandpa's and a party on the back porch.

Only requires one word - DUPLO.
I mean - really - what else is there?!
These things are amazing.

We went to Marineland in Canada so mommy
could visit friends from her Oxford days.

Another first.
A completely organic-local-sustainable-awesome peach basil ice lolly.

Check out the tie! I had to dress up for a wedding.
It was okay, but - well - I'm not sure I get the point
of hanging this thing around your neck.

Here I am trying out Crème brûlée.
I'm learning there area lot of pretty tasty things in this world.
Still working on my spoon skills though.

I went down to Virginia to see my great grandmother.
Here she is - 93 years young, and I shared my Puffs with her.

Oh boy! I got some paints and painted some rocks. An artist is born.
I hope to become a Renaissance Man - that and a philanthropist.

How'r you doin' ...

See you around the galaxy.