03 May, 2013

Mighty Finn - Update #14

Hey, guys. I'm home after a two week excursion in Guatemala where mommy was collecting data for her research. Enjoy the photos.

I'm not as young as I used to be, and 3000 kilometers
in the air pretty much tuckered me out.

After I got up, I discovered it was hot.
I found these stone floors to be cool,
and now I know all about thermal mass.

Or course, I can't sit there forever -
so sometimes you just gotta strip down to be cool.

The house where we stayed had lots of really neat windows.
This one was a favorite.

Here I am by the unneeded fireplace -
trying to decide what to do with this basket.

Solved it.

We liked to walk in the local park of Paseo Cayala.
That's where I met Estephania, but
I didn't understand a single word she said.

She seemed fascinated by my pacifier. I don't think she had ever
enjoyed one, but it's not something you want to share.
Not on a first date anyway.

Our compound had a nice yard.

And lots of flowers.
Not sure what I was thinking - probably about the heat.

I tried to get a bounce out of this thing, but nada.
I guess I need to bulk up a bit.

We also went to Antigua. Beautiful. This was our hotel.

It had a great fountain - a lot larger
than the one in my bathroom.

We had a nice meal here, and I got to use real fork. Cool.

Out the window I was able to watch them making tortillas.

Please enjoy some native music. I loved these musicians.

Adios, muchachas.