01 May, 2013

In Need Of A Better View

Tomorrow is the 30th anniversary of my daughter's birth. One of my daughters anyway. I have two, and no man ever had daughters for whom there was greater love or in whom there was greater pride.

The birth of each remains a vivid memory. Both were by Caesarean section, but the first was a last minute decision. We lived about twenty-five miles from the hospital, and the drive was uneventful. As labor progressed though, there were clearly concerns, and the decision was made to do the surgery.

Since it was a last minute call, I was not able to be in the delivery room for the birth. Unfortunately in those days, if you had one C-section, all of your births were going to be C-sections. The silver lining in that was we were allowed to pick the date for our second daughter's birth, and I would be allowed to be present for the delivery. We did, and I was.

Mind you, the obstetrician was not thrilled that I was there. Evidently a father had fainted the previous week, banged his head pretty hard, and caused all sorts of problems. Everyone was on full alert and nervous as I sat at my wife's head. Fathers, if they must be there at all, were to sit from now on.

We weren't far into the operation, and the doctor had made the initial incision. All the staff gasped when I suddenly stood up. They were certain I was getting ready to fall to the floor, and the doctor asked me if I felt faint. I said certainly not, and the problem was I couldn't see well from that sitting position.

So ... I was standing in order to could get a much better view of the procedure. The doctor was amazed; he never thought he was going to hear that from a father. I still have the scrubs I wore that day.

She emerged, and soon I was holding her - long before my wife would be ready to do so. She was beautiful and a treasure, and she remains so to this day.

Happy birthday, Megan. Know that you are loved.