23 November, 2011

{this memory} 27

I'll keep this brief since a few of you think you need to get in line today for Friday's shopping.

In the image you see my wife and two daughters walking - perhaps skipping - down our driveway in September of 1986. Although we had been in this home for 15 months, we had not yet landscaped. It's quite obvious; the weeds are taller than my girls.

It's the first day of school which explains the number card on my older daughter. She is about to catch the bus for the first time and head off to kindergarten. She is excited to go - hence the happy feet. Looks like younger sister is happy too.

I can look back on many happy memories, and what happier memories can there be than of watching two beautiful young girls grow into beautiful accomplished women? I am a fortunate man, and I am thankful for the incredible bounty that has come my way.