13 October, 2011

{this memory} 21

Oh - those high school musicals. Here we have the 1965 production of Oliver! at Frank W. Cox High School in Virginia Beach. In the upper photo, I'm the guy closest to the top, right corner. In the lower image, I'm the one on the right with the mug looking like he's had a few
too many at the bar.

Not a lot to report here. We had fun. It did help me get into what is today the International Thespian Society - which honors student excellence in the theater arts. Add to this role (actually an extra), a second place in a talent show, a role in the senior play, a writing credit for a senior follies-type show, and assorted other bits earned me just enough points for initiation. I wasn't aware of it at the time - wasn't even on my radar. Evidently the writing credit was what put me over the top.

I remember balking at some point over the writing work and wanting to opt out. A fellow student who was in the Society must of known I was close. She was very insistent that I keep at it - lest I miss out on the unexpected honor. Thank you, Laurie Willet. We didn't know each other well, and you were quite kind to push me that way.

The memory? - simply what a wonderful time I had in high school. Great friends. Incredible opportunities. Superb faculty. I am a most fortunate man.