24 February, 2011

Can I Get A Hug

In the relative silence that I preferred, the Anniversaries have come and gone. There were a select few whom I hoped were aware of the observances, but to draw wider attention would have been uncomfortable. Yet among my closest friends there existed a sense that they should have done something more to note the significance of the passages symbolized by these dates in my life’s Journey. Or, perhaps they should have shared at some greater depth the ebbing and surging waves of emotionality that could unpredictably rise and then break within me.

On occasions like this, such a presence will always be welcomed and a caring touch always healing. Although neither was readily available this year, both were somehow sensed anyway. Plus, I had already been given a privilege most profound - I had been allowed to give back, the essence of love and of life. Could there be a better way to celebrate that one is again alive than by offering me the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others?

I feel twice blessed by such gifts – first because I am alive to receive them and second because I had, indeed, been able to make such a difference.