05 February, 2014

Mighty Finn - Update #24

Short and sweet this time, but I'll be back soon with a birthday update. And then it's the terrible twos. I can't wait to see what that's all about.

Sometimes I like to eat berries
and mull over some really deep thoughts.
So much to comprehend, but I'm making progress.

Did I mention I've been mulling over some really deep thoughts.
Well, I have, and I find that milk goes well with this activity too.

Early birthday present.
Mommy says my new kitchen is nicer than hers.
She said it took her four hours to put it together. 
That's me on the phone thanking her.

Check it out. What more could you need?
Most chicks like guys who can cook.

We had new photos taken at school.

You could put them on mugs or iPhone covers,
but I don't think we did. Cool though.

This is really cool. I was watching luge
and skeleton (sort of luge but head first) for the first time.
I liked it - which is why you hear me say "me."
"Take me to do that, mommy." in one word. I am just so efficient.

See you soon.