23 April, 2013

Mighty Finn - Update #13

Heigh-ho, fans.
I told mom to be careful what she photographs,
but I wanted you to see me getting a good soak. Aaaah.

I've gotten pretty good at building these towers.
Sometimes mommy helps a bit, and then
there's the fun of knocking them down!

This is my first school picture.
Yeah, I know it's just daycare, but I like it.

Slightly different version. I'm telling you I still got it.

I love airports. It's a good thing because were off again.
Mommy said I can't say where, but it's a lot warmer.
And everyone speaks Spanish.

Here is the chick magnet in action. She liked me a lot.

We became quite close in a just a short amount of time.

We've just arrived at the place that shall not be named.

We're staying at a beautiful home.
This is the window sill in my bedroom.
So cool.

Just try to tell me you wouldn't want to wake up to this view!

I'm puzzled though.
I've seen fountains before but never in my bathroom.

See you next month.