13 December, 2012

{this memory} 68

This is the story behind last Monday's {this moment}.

Ah, she is so cute - my older daughter when she was a bit less than two and well over a quarter century ago.

We were visiting the Chittenango home of a good friend (no longer living) of my wife. Judging by our clothing it must have been a warm summer's day. Although I don't recall for sure, my daughter was likely engaging in one of her performances. She had an extensive repertoire of children's verse, and she could and would recite perfectly any of several dozen.

Quite precocious. Today she is a specialist in pediatric oncology, and Chittenango has a yellow brick sidewalk. It is, after all, the birthplace of Frank Baum, the author of The Wizard of Oz.

I am filled with many wonderful memories and am a most fortunate man.